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The Best Ways for Solving Jigsaw Puzzle like a Pro!

The Best Ways for Solving Jigsaw Puzzle like a Pro!

Solving jigsaw puzzles can be quite rewarding, especially if you are someone who enjoys spatial challenges. But if you get stuck on a single piece the experience can become frustrating. So whether you are solving a 200 or a 1000 piece of puzzle, here are some effective strategies that can help you complete your jigsaw puzzle fast. 

Best Way to Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle 

Finding the Right Surface

Finding a smooth surface for your jigsaw puzzles is almost as important as solving jigsaw puzzles in the first place. Laying your first pieces of jigsaw puzzle sets the tone for your whole puzzle assembly .The surface needs to be smooth and the pieces are able to move across the surface easily without any fricitional damage to the pieces. You also want a dedicated space where you can peacefully work on the puzzle. Puzzle boards are a great accessory for puzzle assembly that offer smooth assembly and easy movement from one place to another. 

Fill in the Edges First 

Many puzzle experts have single handedly worked on some challenging puzzles through this one popular strategy. Once you fill out the edges and cut the corners, you have a foundation of what to expect from your complete puzzle picture. Assembling the edges and drawing borders is a technique most used by puzzle pros to complete their jigsaw puzzles fast!

However this method may not be fully applicable to non rectangular puzzles but even in that scenario, figuring out the outline of the puzzle helps with puzzle sorting. 

Sort your Pieces Smartly 

Now you may want to start off quickly after getting all of your pieces out of the box, but with big complex puzzles, the key is to sort all of the puzzle pieces first. Again, this assembly will take some time but it will help you understand the puzzles faster. Usually sorting the pieces of a puzzle involves assembling similar colours, shapes or textures in different designated places so that you can easily switch between different parts of the puzzle. 

It's All About Placement

Once you have successfully sorted your pieces, the next step is placement. If your puzzle has a lot of details and texture in it, placement through sorting can become relatively easier. 

Take Small Steady Breaks 

If you are just starting out on puzzles then you have to take small breaks in between to maintain your momentum. Don't just expect the complex puzzle to be done and sorted within a single day. Short breaks are an effective strategy to solve big complex puzzles. These breakes allow you to refocus your attention and focus with fresh eyes. 

Master your Patience

You cannot master the art of puzzles if you are not willing to invest enough patience. The slow and steady activity of figuring out the right piece for your puzzle can be daunting which is why when you finally get the right piece you get a hit of dopamine. So as rewarding as solving jigsaw puzzles can be, they can only be done with a lot of patience. 

Need an Organiser to Support your Puzzle Work?

Once you have figured out the best way to complete a puzzle box, your next shop should be finding the right surface for your puzzle. And what can be better than a Puzzle Ready portable puzzle board. It comes with multicolor drawers that makes sorting easier and even more fun! Unlike other ones on the market, this puzzle board organiser has a smooth and sturdy fiberboard. It’s portable and easy to store, just the way you like it! No modifications needed; you can use it immediately straight out of the box.

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