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8 Different Types of Fun Jigsaw Puzzle Challenges You can Buy! 

8 Different Types of Fun Jigsaw Puzzle Challenges You can Buy! 

You might get surprised by how many jigsaw puzzles are out there in the market. From plain simple pieces to 3D Structures, you will find some interestingly complex jigsaw puzzles. To help you differentiate which jigsaw puzzle you should buy for your curious mind, here are 8 different types of jigsaw puzzles you can choose from. 

Flat 2D Jigsaw Puzzles 

A simple flat 2D jigsaw puzzle is more commonly found in the market beginners. It is perfect for children and adults who are just starting on jigsaw puzzles. There are many different types of jigsaw puzzles that you can find in a flat 2D jigsaw puzzle. From a very colourful scenery to your favourite icon there are a ton of puzzle pictures you can choose from! 

Repetitive Design Jigsaw 

A little more complex and twisty than your regular flat 2D jigsaw puzzle. This can be the perfect puzzle gift for teens who wish to switch to a more intermediate level of solving puzzles. The puzzles consist of repetitive patterns where a single shape or object is repeated several times. This type of jigsaw is actually trickier than a regular puzzle as you really have to find the right puzzle piece to fit, since almost all the pieces have the same design. So with this puzzle you really are not looking for a particular picture rather a puzzle piece fit. 

3D Jigsaw Puzzles

This particular type of puzzle has a fan following of its own. From castles to Eiffel tower, 3D puzzles can be very rewarding. Imagine creating a 3D model out of small puzzle pieces. That is exactly what happens in a 3D jigsaw puzzle. And what makes it even more unique is how it is used as way more than just a regular puzzle game. A 3D jigsaw puzzle is also often used to create small miniature models of different buildings as architectural designs to see what the building model will look like once the construction is fully completed. 

Murder Mystery Puzzles 

This one is an absolute mass favourite. It's more challenging and even more fun when you start playing it. In this one you have to complete the puzzle by following clues from the guide booklet that comes with it. This can be a great fun activity for families where everyone can take their part in solving a murder mystery! 


JIGSAW or WASGIJ? See the magic?!

This unique jigsaw puzzle is spelled backwards because of a reason. First introduced by Jumbo Games in 1997, WASGIJ was claimed to be the most unique take on a puzzle. In this puzzle, by the time you finish the game you will find the final picture to be different than the one seen on the puzzle box…wait! What does that even mean!

 Apparently WASGIJ has six concepts that goes as follows; 

  • The players first have to imagine and form the puzzle picture from the mind of someone (the picture character) already in the picture. Of course there is a guide that comes with character clues
  • The players have to use their imagination to determine what is happening in the image given in the present day
  • The puzzlers have to imagine and determine what will happen to the characters in the image in the coming minutes 
  • The puzzlers will form a puzzle image of what the characters in the puzzle box are looking at
  • The puzzlers form an image using the puzzle of what the characters in the image will look like if they come to life in reality
  • The puzzlers use time travelling concepts to create an image of what the puzzle will look like when they travel years back into the past

Mega Jigsaw Puzzles 

As the name suggests, this jigsaw puzzle is huge in its size. With more than 10,000 pieces, this one is a real treat for puzzle lovers who love to invest their time in creating big puzzles. You will have landscapes, galaxy themes, or some historic monuments. This type of jigsaw puzzle certainly tests your patience, concentration and attention to detail with its impossibly huge numbers of puzzle pieces. 

Floor Jigsaws

Another simple and fun jigsaw puzzle for children. Floor jigsaws are more vivid and bigger in size for children to easily imagine and form a picture in their mind. You can choose from a variety of different themed floor jigsaws like animals, numbers, colours and shapes for your young ones. 

Hand-cut Wooden Jigsaws

Another unique style of jigsaw puzzles, this one is getting a fast fan following and popularity with artists. It's perfect for people who like the old wood puzzle charm. These hand cut wooden jigsaws can be really soothing and relaxing to assemble. Wood cutting jigsaw becomes even better with a sleek laser cutter!

Regardless of which type of jigsaw you choose, the fun and benefits stay the same for every type of the jigsaw puzzle! On our personal take the mystery murder jigsaw puzzles and 3D puzzles can be really fun creations! 

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