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Traditional VS. Online Jigsaw Puzzles - Which is Better?

Traditional VS. Online Jigsaw Puzzles - Which is Better?


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Internet game addiction is now recognized as a mental health condition. According to a clinical study, Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) has a major effect on an individual’s wellbeing. And yet, more people are still hooked on playing and buying online games than traditional physical games.

An example of this is the following: instead of playing physical blocks, a 4-year old kid is hooked on digital block games like Minecraft and Fortnite. In some cases, physical games have developed their online versions. Some dress-up and makeover games are available online and even traditional family board games like chess and puzzles have their own digital versions too.

So what’s the deal with all these types of games? Is one format better than the other? What are the benefits of playing an online or a physical puzzle?

We all know the health benefits of playing a physical jigsaw puzzle in our brain. It improves our memory and IQ, delays dementia and Alzheimer’s, and also lowers stress.

They also aid cognitive development in kids and adults. It enhances an individual's ability to learn, understand, and remember. And yet, a recent study shows that children are more successful completing a physical puzzle than compared to a computer version.

This and more drawbacks will be discussed in this post.

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What are Traditional and Digital Jigsaw Puzzles?

When we say the word “traditional”, we mean those physical puzzle games that we all grew up playing with. Ever since the first jigsaw puzzle was made in 1760, the physical puzzle has become a constant fixture in everyone’s childhood.

There are different types of physical jigsaw puzzles. While the original puzzles started out as wooden pieces, this later evolved to light materials like paper or cardboard. The designs evolved as well; there are now 3D jigsaw puzzles which are quite popular.

A digital jigsaw puzzle, meanwhile, is a puzzle you play on your computer or a similar gadget. The early ones were versions of your popular physical jigsaw puzzles. One used a cursor to control and place the digital pieces on the screen.

The novelty of a digital format is that it allowed for more variation. Free online jigsaw puzzles like allow you to choose the cut of your puzzle from classic knobs to square and spiral cuts. Another one, the JigsawExplorer, allows you to choose how many number of pieces you want to play with. The DailyJigsawPuzzles, on the other hand, allows you to zoom in and out of the picture to see the whole picture.

These jigsaw puzzle sites don’t require you to sign up to play. It’s completely free. You can play using a timer to track your progress. You can also auto-save your work, in case you will lose your internet. They also provide a wide selection of images to solve everyday.

Things to Consider about Digital Puzzles

Because the digital format is very convenient, it’s no wonder that many are more inclined to playing with them. But what are the other things to consider about this format?

Online puzzles don’t have physical pieces, which means you don’t have to worry about missing a piece when playing. Every piece can be found on your screen. It’s very convenient because you can download and play the game on your computer or mobile phone.

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It’s also free. Players can simply visit their website or app, browse the image they want to solve and play.

But because it requires a screen to play with, it can have some negative effects on the human body.

In a research at the University of Toledo, it was found out that the blue light coming from the screen can speed up blindness. This means that playing an online puzzle for hours can harm your eyes’ retina which can lead to vision loss when you reach the age of 50 to 60.

There’s also something to be said about the importance of the tactile experience in playing puzzles.

In an experiment in Canada, pairs of children were given the same set of a puzzle: a physical and its digital version. The study revealed that most of the children who played with the traditional puzzle completed the image faster than those who played the digital version. Those that played the computer game either quit or ran out of time.

Advantages of Traditional Puzzles

So does that mean traditional puzzles are more beneficial for kids?

You bet! It’s also more reliable. Physical puzzles are not dependent on the internet connection and gadgets. You can have fun anytime and anywhere, as long as you have the puzzle pieces with you.

It also helps you bond with the kids. Even toddlers can solve a basic jigsaw puzzle. Regularly playing a puzzle with your children can enhance your emotional bond with them.

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It’s the best way to help them acquire spatial language skills without harmful exposure to blue light.

It’s eco-friendly, too. In the US, 29% of greenhouse gas emission comes from electricity companies. By playing a physical puzzle, one can lower one’s personal carbon footprint and help reduce the effect of climate change.

In fact, the only drawback seems to be losing puzzle pieces. Who hasn’t been frustrated over not being able to complete a puzzle because of a misplaced or damaged piece?

Getting your Puzzle Ready

Not to worry, here at Puzzle Ready, we’ve solved that minor problem for you.

You can now prevent your puzzle pieces from being misplaced. We created a portable puzzle board with drawer that will keep all your puzzle pieces in place. No more searching for that corner piece or that group of oddly shaped all-black mystery pieces. You can use it to store your puzzle so that you can come back to it again easily.

It’s also hassle-free; it’s ready to be used straight out of its box. It’s also eco-friendly because it’s made from sustainable wood.

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