Puzzle Ready

Never be worried about where to put your unfinished puzzle again.

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100% Guarantee

We 100% Guarantee you will love the Puzzle Ready™ products. We offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and we stand behind the workmanship and quality of each puzzle board.

Use it again and again to assemble all your favourite jigsaw puzzles with family and friends for years to come.

We strive for total customer happiness, please contact us here with any questions. 

Each Board Handmade

Made with handmade Sustainable walnut and pine quality woods.

Puzzle Ready™ is committed to sustainability and each handmade puzzle board is constructed with certified sustainable wood.

Protecting our forests is important to creating a sustainable manufacturing lifecycle and we choose to work with partners that are committed to this practice.

Puzzle Ready

We design the best puzzle products. We are committed to bringing family and friends together in moments of fun and social connection around puzzles.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the puzzle lover in your life?

Can you imagine always having your puzzle ready to go—easy to put away—easy to bring out and work on your masterpiece?

A puzzle board allows you the flexibility to easily store your puzzle in a matter of minutes.

Keep Pieces Organized

The Puzzle Ready™ Wooden Puzzle Board Organizer has four removable color-coded wooden-reinforced sliding drawers to help you keep your various puzzle pieces organized.

No more searching for that corner piece or that group of oddly shaped all-black mystery pieces. 


  • Mat Keeps Puzzle In Place

    Comes with a top mat that may be used to cover puzzle board or as an additional jigsaw surface.

  • Non-Slip Feet Protect Tables

    No slip feet protect your beautiful living room table and ensure no scratches or scuff marks are left by the board.

  • Keep Organised Colorful Board Drawers

    Board comes with 4 primary colour trays that help with sorting and assist with section construction and organisation.

  • Help Protect Forests With Us

    Protecting our forests is important to creating a sustainable manufacturing lifecycle and we choose to work with partners that are committed to this practise.

  • Felt Surface
    Keeps the puzzle pieces in place

Easy to Move and Store

Can slider under your couch or bed.

Never Lose another piece!

Mat protects your puzzle from curious pets and kids.

Fun Family Puzzle Table

Ideal for teaching children the art puzzle solving.

Hassle Free Set-up

No assembly required.
Straight out of the box with no modifications. start using your new puzzle board in matter of minutes you will love the ease and convenience of using the board right out the box.
The working area is29" × 40.5"and has a rim to ensure no puzzle pieces go missing.
Perfect for1500-piece puzzle

Easily Lift & Put Away Very Portable

Simply cover away when you need the extra space for seating or dinning.
Easy lift, lightweight, and balanced for quick storage. In a matter of seconds, you can cover and move your Puzzle with the unique Puzzle Ready cover and truck it away under a couch or bed for safe keeping.
"It's light and easy to handle."
Jane, Retired Nurse


What our customers are saying.

The perfect board for our puzzle activity while travelling by RV this winter.

We love our new puzzle board and an't wait to use it this holiday with our family.

I bought this for my father, he loves to do puzzles and can't wait to give it to him this holiday.