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Portable Puzzle Caddy that fits 1000 -1500 pcs puzzles, with 4-6 sorting trays



For 1000 Pieces Puzzles

Perfectly fits all 1000 Pieces Puzzle 

For 1500 Pieces Puzzles

Perfectly fits all 1500 Pieces Puzzle 

Light weight

Easy to carry around by all family members


Portable design, easy to assemble very fast

4 felt colorful 2 in 1 sorting trays & pockets (for 1000 pcs)

Keeps puzzle pieces organized, turns into pockets and to keep your puzzle pieces in them

6 felt colorful 2 in 1 sorting trays & pockets  (for 1500 pcs)

Keeps puzzle pieces organized, turns into pockets and to keep your puzzle pieces in them

Flexible & strong carrying handle 

Gentle to hands and easy to carry around

Made of PU leather 

Extremely durable, long lasting and elegant style

Wrap around Zipper 

Holds the puzzle in place and makes it easier to move the puzzle caddy around

Removable working surface for the puzzle

Make puzzles anywhere and put it back in the caddy to move around

Non-slip working surface

Increases friction and prevents puzzle pieces from slipping

Soft material

Workspace material is soft and sticky

Other Features:

A waterproof surface keeps it safe when you are moving around with it

Portable design to keep your puzzle safe from pets & children

Working surface area:

  • 1000 pcs working area: 30.7in x 24in (78cm x 61cm)
  • 1500 pcs working area: 36.2in x 26.4in (92cm x 67cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Great quality and works wonderfully!

I love this puzzle saver! It's really good quality and feels really sturdy. The puzzle piece savers are great and help a lot! This one is pretty large, as it fits a 1500 piece puzzle, so make sure you've got floor space before committing - it takes up double the space because it folds out. It's a great option if you don't have the table space, but have some free floor space you can use temporarily. Or if you've got a mischievous cat! The materials are really high quality and the stitching is well done. The buttons on the puzzle piece trays work well, but still aren't too difficult to unsnap and put away. We've actually taken to using the puzzle piece trays to separate out Lego pieces when they're isn't a puzzle in progress and we love them for that too! Definitely recommend this one!

Jesse T.S.T.S.
Every Puzzlers Must Have

This is a fantastic contraption. The Puzzle Ready caddy ports my current jigsaw anywhere I would like to plop down and fiddle. I have most enjoyed having the ability to start my day off with about 30 minutes of puzzling before getting out of bed. (If your a clutz as I am be sure to check your surroundings for any loose pieces you may have knocked off.)Apart from being able to set up my puzzle station in bed, I can quite literally set up anywhere with a flat surface and enough space. The cloth board and cushioned bits keep the pieces from moving too much during transportation. As with any thing it's not 100% foolproof so don't go knocking it on the ground and against things. The pieces will shift a bit causing a mix up if you have everything sorted on the board, aside from that they don't move that much.The quality of materials used feel nice and durable. My only qualm with this product is with the sorting trays. I wish they would have reinforced the bottoms with a solid piece of cardboard or something because after sorting your pieces you have to handle them extra carefully otherwise the tray will flop and spill your pieces everywhere.Apart from that 10/10.

May M.M.
Two thumbs up!

Wow. I have nothing but the highest praise for this puzzle caddy. I love the design, especially the mini puzzle trays that turn in to pouches and the storage available in the caddy to hold them, even when all four are very full. There is Velcro in all the right places to keep things accessible but secure. I realized the puzzle I started is the same dimensions as the puzzle keeper, 24x 30, so I wasn’t sure if it could keep it together. It did!! Nothing moved once we put it all together, walked around with it, set it down in its edge for a while, etc. I’m impressed! The elastic pieces in the upper corners was also a nice feature. Overall, this is an excellent caddy and would make a great gift for yourself or others. I might have shied away because of the price, but now that I’ve seen it in action? It’s definitely worth it!

I have an alternative use for this.

I have started doing “diamond painting”. I was thinking of ways to store a work in process that would keep it out of the way, keep in undisturbed, and hide it from the cats. This will be perfect! I can put the paintings in one of the layers in this case (which has MULTIPLE layers by the way) with a pieces of cellophane over the top to keep the jewels from sticking to the fabric. This will keep my work in process safe during the time that I am not working on it. It’s a great case, for puzzles and other uses! It’s well built and will keep you project protected.

This is a WINNER!!

I recently received the Puzzle Ready jigsaw storage unit and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with its high quality construction. The unit is made from durable and sturdy materials, which provides a stable surface for working on your puzzles.One of the key features that I love about this storage unit is the felt workspace that keeps the puzzle pieces in place. The felt material ensures that the puzzle pieces won't slide around or move out of place, which is incredibly useful when you're working on a complex puzzle. And the six separate pockets are perfect for sorting by color storing each one without starting over next time you take it out.My picture shows a 1000 piece puzzle. It will easily hold a 1500 piece puzzle.I often don’t start a large puzzle because I don’t want it taking dining room space for days. So is what sets Puzzle Ready apart from other storage solutions is its ability to easily transition from working on a puzzle to storing it and finishing it later.Overall, I would highly recommend Puzzle Ready Storage to any puzzle enthusiast.

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