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Best Puzzle Games for Teens - The Ultimate Guide

Best Puzzle Games for Teens - The Ultimate Guide

Dangerous Levels of Cellphone

If you’re a parent worried about your millenial’s preoccupation with the cellphone, then your concerns may actually be legit.

A researcher from Dalhousie University in Canada found out that dangerous levels of cellphone use among teenagers can lead to depression and suicide . That’s because the mobile social apps every teen uses these days have become platforms for bullying.

Not only that, but the cellphone itself can cause harm since the blue light from the gadget damages the eye’s retina. Worldwide, there is now growing evidence that using cellphones way too much can put teenagers physical and mental health at risk.

These problems can be addressed by letting them spend time away from screens and offering other activities to keep them busy. Sports is a fun way to maintain your teen’s physical health. They can also do simple arts and crafts to boost their creativity. Playing physical puzzle games are also very helpful in developing their cognitive and problem-solving skills. The added benefit is that they do this without being exposed to cellphone radiation as the case may be when playing with digital puzzle apps.

Here at Puzzle Ready, we always love a good puzzle. Here’s our list of top puzzle games that will surely be interesting to your teenagers enough to put their cellphones down and solve the puzzles.

Best Puzzle Games for Teens - Word Puzzles

Puzzle for Teens - Word Puzzles

If your teen loves spelling and language, then word puzzles are the perfect game to play. Word puzzles build up one’s knowledge of language and word usage. One of the most popular types are Crossword puzzles. It is played in a square or rectangular black and white grid. The goal of the game is to fill all the white squares with letters and words.

Another favorite word puzzle game is Scrabble. Unlike a crossword that can be played solo, scrabble needs two to four players. The game contains 100 tiles which are marked with a point value depending on how frequent the letter is used in the English language. Commonly used letters such as vowels are worth one point while less common letters like Q and Z are worth 10 points. Scrabble is a fun game for the whole family.

Best Puzzle Games for Teens - Trivia or Riddles

Puzzle for Teens - Trivia and Riddles

Trivia and riddles use different topics in order to create puzzles. A player needs mastery with a specific topic in order to solve the puzzle and move forward to the next question or statement. Games like these improve one’s attention to detail since clues or the answer itself can be found within the puzzle.

Riddles are more tricky than trivias because the interpretation may vary depending on a person’s level of knowledge, whereas trivias are a series of questions. One sample of history’s toughest riddles comes from the movie, The Hobbit. This is from the scene between Bilbo Baggins and Gollum, “Voiceless it cries, Wingless flutters, Toothless bites, Mouthless mutters.” The answer is the wind. Tricky isn’t it?

Best Puzzle Games for Teens - Logic Puzzles

Puzzle Games for Teens - Logic Puzzles

Now this type of puzzle is an all-time favorite. Logic Puzzles are puzzle games solved by following well-defined rules. It could be a combination of pictures, numbers, words and symbols. Nonogram or picross are logical picture puzzles.

Math puzzles or recreational mathematics are problems that involve more than the formula-solution method. A best example of this is the sudoku where the objective of the game is to fill the 9x9 grid with digits each column and 3x3 subgrids. A Rebus puzzle, on the other hand, is also a logical puzzle that uses pictures and symbol to represent a new word. Playing all these logical games can improve brain concentration, memory and processing speed. Anyone can play with this because these games have different difficulty levels - from easy to challenging.

Best Puzzle Games for Teens - Mechanical Puzzles

Puzzle Games for Teens - Mechanical Puzzles

Last but definitely not the least are the mechanical puzzles. These puzzles are presented as a set of objects or pieces which are mechanically interlinked with each other. It can be played solo or by a group. The objective here is to assemble the whole puzzle correctly.

Rubik’s cube and jigsaw puzzles are popular examples of this type of puzzle. For jigsaw lovers, the recommended number of puzzle pieces for teens ages 12 and up is 500-1,000. To make it more challenging, play with Jigsaw puzzles with unusual cuts as this will surely keep their brain cells busy for hours.

The Best Board Organizer for Mechanical Jigsaw Puzzle

Because mechanical puzzles are a trial and error type of game, it’s important to have all the puzzle pieces where you can easily grab them.That is why it is important to use a board organizer to keep all the puzzle pieces together.

Puzzle Ready’s jigsaw puzzle board with drawers is all about convenience and quality. You can store the pieces in a 4 color-coded removable tray and play it again in a matter of seconds. It’s also flexible for easy storage.

Save yourself the trouble of hunting down your misplaced puzzle pieces.

Click Add to Cart to get one now.

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