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Puzzle Board vs Puzzle Table vs Puzzle Mat - Which one is the Best for your Puzzle Games? 

Puzzle Board vs Puzzle Table vs Puzzle Mat - Which one is the Best for your Puzzle Games? 

So you have just started solving puzzles, and thoroughly enjoy the experience until you start missing small pieces of it…No problem, you head to Amazon to get the right puzzle board for you but WHAT! There are so many options to choose from, puzzle tables, puzzle mats, puzzle boards?? What is this chaos? 

Hold up here fella! Take a deep breath because we are here to debunk any mystery around which puzzle accessory you must buy

Puzzle Board 

What are Puzzle Boards?

Puzzle boards are hard stable surfaces you can use to form your puzzle. Puzzle boards are usually the most portable and easy to move around in the house. Based on how small or big puzzles you like, puzzle boards can be bought in different sizes. 

Benefits of a Puzzle Board 

  • Can be easily transported from floor to coffee table and vice versa
  • Easy to use and place your puzzle pieces 
  • Have small drawers to keep your pieces safe 
  • Can easily protect your finished puzzle masterpiece 
  • Environmentally friendly

Disadvantages of a Puzzle Board 

  • Can take up some space when moving into a smaller space 

Puzzle Mats 

Puzzle mats are like a roll up mat, on which you can build your puzzle and then safely roll it up without having your pieces fall out. Puzzle mats are made up of soft foam and can be easily spread anywhere on the floor. 

Benefits of a Puzzle Mat

  • Puzzle mats can be very interactive with fun tiles, shapes and vivid colours 
  • Can support as a soft rubbery surface for baby crawling 
  • Ideal for yoga and other light intensity workouts 
  • Have strong durability as it retains its shape and appearance for long 
  • Environment friendly

Disadvantages of a Puzzle Mat

  • Designed mainly for children and less for adults 
  • Not portable or easy unless all the pieces are disassembled 
  • Very fragile, it can easily lose its interconnectivity 

Puzzle Table

What is a Puzzle Table?

A puzzle table is a widely laid table with different compartments for your puzzle pieces. Puzzle tables are usually made out of wood and can be bigger in size. Although there are many sizes available these days, the puzzle table is losing its popularity as it once used to have. 

Benefits of Puzzle Table 

  • Keeps all of the puzzles pieces in one place 
  • Can accommodate multiple players at a time 
  • Good for big puzzle games with 5000 plus pieces 

Disadvantages of Puzzle Table 

  • Not portable or easy to move 
  • Take up alot of space 
  • The users have to be in a particular sitting position 
  • Not always have small compartments 

Puzzle Board vs Puzzle Mats vs Puzzle Table- What’s the Tie?

All three of these have their own versatile uses, and have their own set of benefits for the puzzle builders. However our top recommendation is a puzzle board. 

Puzzle boards are very handy and easy to use. They keep everything well organised in one place. Puzzle boards are sturdy and do not require a lot of maintenance to keep them durable. You can also easily place pieces on it without having to switch or stick to particular sitting angles. 

If you want to buy a durable, long lasting puzzle accessory that helps your puzzle pieces stay sorted and organised then you must consider a puzzle board with good hefty drawers. Puzzle Ready is a great puzzle board organiser that is made out of sustainable wood and can be moved from one place to another easily. If you are looking for a good puzzle organiser that also comes with long term storage, then Puzzle Ready’s puzzle board will be a safe wise purchase.

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