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16 Puzzle Facts To Blow Your Mind!

16 Puzzle Facts To Blow Your Mind!

We have already given you some interesting puzzle facts I am sure you must have not heard before. To continue the tradition, here are another 16 puzzle facts that will blow your mind and keep you hooked up on playing your puzzle game!

  1. Did you know that Rubik was an accidental puzzle creation? Its maker only realised this after he created and solved it the first time
  2. In 2011 in an online game foldit, a group of puzzlers accidentally solved the structure of an enzyme that is responsible for aids-like disease in monkeys
  3. The restructuring of this enzyme has been under study for over 13 years and the puzzle players solved it within 3 weeks 
  4. There is only one person in the whole world to have a degree in enigmatology (the study of puzzles)
  5. A company deliberately posts complex puzzles to recruit good codebreakers and linguists
  6. Jigsaw puzzles were super popular during the great depression, as it provided a cheap reusable entertainment to the masses
  7. In the late 19th century a british artist created a scavenger hunt book with different riddles and complex puzzles to find the location of the 18kt gold pendant. People from across the world took part in this treasure hunt that lasted for almost two years before ending in a controversy 
  8. In 1944, a crossword puzzle printed all the D-day operation code names that sent the MI-5 team into an alarming position as it meant that their operation was exposed. Turned out that the crossword puzzle codes were a big coincidence 
  9. The word ladder puzzle was first invented by the famous author of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll
  10. In Canada you must qualify for a lottery by solving a hard mathematical puzzle
  11. In 2007, a complex puzzle was released with a whopping reward of $2 million offered to anyone who would be the first to complete it. Unfortunately by 2010 the competition had no lead and had to end as no one could find the solution to the puzzle problem
  12. The famous term ‘thinking outside box’ comes from a topographical puzzle that had 9 dots in a box shape 
  13. King’s quest is still the hardest puzzle video game to date
  14. Skoku before its rise to fame was firstly introduced in the United States under the name of ‘Number Place’. It was not really popular in the US until it reached Japan and got renamed to Sudoku 
  15. Did you know that the blank spaces present between the puzzles are known as ‘light’. Light gives the puzzler the clues to the next puzzle piece 
  16. People with Prader Willi Syndrome, a low intelligence disorder that reduces an individual’s IQ by 60 points are more skillful in solving jigsaw puzzles 

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